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China Changjiang Energy Corporation has been awarded with the National Grade B Qualification Certificate for EPC of Power Station Projects, capable of undertaking EPC of power station projects with unit capacity at or below 200 MW as well as overhaul and retrofitting of units. It is a large enterprise of Chinaengaged in EPC of nation, al power station construction works, and can undertake power station erection, operation & maintenance, retrofitting and supply of spare parts in energy fields such as coal-fired power generation, hydropower generation, industrial drive, ORC waste heat power generation, biomass power generation, waste power generation and photovoltaic power generation.

The business scope: investment, management and maintenance of the power plant; erection, retrofitting and overhaul of the power plant equipment, power equipment and electrical equipment; fittings supply; sales, maintenance, commissioning and general contracting of the complete equipment; product quality tracking service; technical development, transfer, consulting and services of the power plant, power and electric equipment, person training related to the above scope.

By the end of 2016, our company has contracted to construct more than 20 thermal power plant and hydraulic power plant, erected and commissioned hundreds of the steam turbo-generator units at home and abroad, evaluated as the top 500 best economic benefit enterprises many times in our country.


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