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Typical Steam Turbines
English > Typical Steam Turbines

Axial Exhaust Steam Turbine

Product description:

The axial exhaust steam turbine is designed with the arrangement mode of axial steam exhaust by low-pressure cylinder and axial admission by condenser, and featured by minimized steam exhaust loss, high unit efficiency, single-layer layout, delivery in complete machine and quick installation, as well as saving civil engineering cost and installation time .The product covers various admission and exhaust parameters in the power range of 6MW~50MW.

High-Efficient and High-Speed Steam Turbine :

Product description:

The high efficient and high-speed steam turbine can be used for stationary power generation, and also for driving water feed pumps, wind blowers, air compressors and other industrial equipments, which is featured by high speed, high efficiency and compact structure. The product covers a range of 500Kw~30MW and its maximum speed is up to 9000r/min.

Super-high Pressure Steam Turbine

Product description:

The super-high pressure steam turbine is designed with super-high pressure and high temperature admission parameters, which is able to improve the thermal efficiency and thermal economy of unit. It can adopt the combination of high speed, reheat, single cylinder/double cylinders as required by users. The products includes super-high pressure steam extraction and condensing type steam turbine and back pressure type steam turbines, within a range of 6MW~150MW.


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